Alsace in Paris: Le Garde-Manger

 Alsace in Paris: Le Garde-Manger
Couple of weeks ago I was strolling around one of the busiest open markets in Paris, the popular Marche d’Aligre (12th) when I stumbled upon an interesting little shop right on the busy market street.

Entering this tiny place was like stepping into the house from Hansel and Gretel story, with pretzels hanging from the ceiling and all kinds of jars and bottles filling the walls from top to floor.
The owner behind the counter was warm and welcoming and we promptly engaged in a conversation. In this charming store you can buy typical Alsatian products and vines. Here one can find fresh home-made dishes such as traditional Alsatian flammekueche, sausages and meat patés. They even sell excellent Alsatian wines.
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According to the owner, all the stores in Alsace region have a similar feel to this one, especially for Christmas when the decoration is at its maximum. Of course, everybody knows the famous Christmas market in Strasbourg, which is held every year. If you happen to be in the area, don’t forget to visit this shop, if nothing to see the décor and buy a part of home-made flammekueche to taste a bit of Alsace spirit in Paris.
I took with me a hand-made jar filled with mustard but I will definitely be trying more of their products next time.

Le Garde-Manger
17 rue d’Aligre
75012 Paris

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