Breakfast in America

I spent three years working near the Jussieu campus where the surrounding streets are overflown with bars, fast foods, kebabs and bakeries. Not far from the campus is a popular american diner, Breakfast in America where you can have a real American dining experience.

With all the new york style cantines and burger joints growing like mushrooms in every corner of the capital, for an authentic american feel you can always opt for BIA. In a real diner atmosphere, they offer burgers, wraps, omelets and bagels as wells as blueberry pancakes with maple syrup. I opted for california chicken wrap  which was actually quite good but I would have loved my fries crispier.


For dessert I ordered plain and blueberry pancakes and ended up being fairly disappointed. The blueberries were probably too moist and the pancakes baked too quickly, leaving part of the inner mass a bit sticky and undone. They looked pretty good, but that was the only positive side to my disappointment.


Would I recommed the place? If you want a good burger, quick service and funky american ambient, in a less touristy area, give it a try.

Breakfast in America
17 rue des Ecoles
75005 Paris

One thought on “Breakfast in America

  1. They call it goo, and they love it. The americans, I mean. I watch a lot of culinary shows done by american for americans, I've read a whole lot of recipes and one thing I learned is – for our standards, their food is raw. Like, really raw. Only thing they eat really done is poultry. I was confused by their "so sweet and sticky and gooey" description until I saw one of their french toasts the way they like it. My boyfriend and I went- yuck! at the same time. So, it could be that those pancakes were not undone. By their standards, they could have been just right. Have you tried any other authentic american pancakes?
    When it comes to american food, I have learned to bake/cook it a bit longer, to use half the butter and sugar of what they recommend (at the most) and that their "well done food" is not so much done by our standards.
    This comment got a bit away from me 😀
    Keep up the good work.

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