Used book cafe, Merci (for the Scones)

Used book cafe, Merci (for the Scones)

Inside the charming concept store called Merci located in the 3rd arrondissement hides Used book café. The name of this charming place comes from the myriad of used books that cover the walls from top to bottom and are at your disposition to browse through or read while there. It makes me think of those endless times when I’ve found myself alone in the city wanting to sit down for a drink before going home but always thinking I’d be bored having forgotten my book at home.

Used book cafe, Merci (for the Scones)-1

The place is usually packed with foreign students and locals in a search for a comfortable place to have a cup of tea or breakfast. They serve great scones and crumbles but you can also opt for more savoury options. I recommend their oeuf a la coque (soft boiled egg) which will come with thin long slices of toasted bread and a nice piece of butter to spread over it and dip into a perfectly undone egg yolk.

Used book cafe, Merci (for the Scones)-2Used book cafe, Merci (for the Scones)-3Used book cafe, Merci (for the Scones)-4Used book cafe, Merci (for the Scones)-5

Used book café
111 bld Beaumarchais
75003 Paris

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