Le Tricycle Store: Vegetarian paradise

Le Tricycle Store: Vegetarian paradiseParisian gastronomical food scene has changed tremendously in recent years. Healthy food joints, small restaurants with vegetarian and gluten free menus, detox counters and porridge bars slowly invade the town. We can argue whether it is only a trend or it is a sign people’s consciousness slowly changing to better, whatever the reason, it is doing good to the city.
One of the gems between this new movement is Le Tricyle. It’s located, conveniently, at the Paradise street, rue de Paradis, on number 51. Le Tricycle, what unusual name for a restaurant. And as all good things have a story, so does the one about Le Tricycle. Le Tricycle was the name of the mobile cart that was rolling around streets of Paris trying to tame the never-ending Parisian hunger with quality healthy “fast” food. The duo behind the wheel, Coralie and Daqui, started off making hot dogs, not ordinary ones, but dogs that hide a vegetarian sausage made out of wheat and soy, enfolded in a tender brioche-like bread with creative sides and condiments.
Le Tricycle Store: Vegetarian paradise-1Le Tricycle Store: Vegetarian paradise-2Le Tricycle Store: Vegetarian paradise-3As a natural order of things, Le Tricycle finally parked at rue de Paradis one year ago. In their small two floor restaurant, the daily menu is read from a large chalkboard at the entrance while the food is being prepared right behind the counter. The orders are taken downstairs, and brought to your table at the upstairs dining place allowing to enjoy the food in a tranquil ambient with plants hanging from the ceiling and paintings on the red brick walls. And fortunately so, because the stairs are so remarkably tight (almost like climbing to a boat deck) it would not end well for the non trained. The fun hot dog names (Dogtor Dre, Snoop Dog) suggest immediately the couple’s creativity which doesn’t disappoint us once we’ve tasted the food: maafe sauce with parsley and fried oignons, guacamole with Caribbean dog sauce, carrots and daikon marinated in rice vinegar make the hot dog all but ordinary. Le Tricycle menu expanded along with their new place, so in line with the famous hot dogs you will find different vegetarian bowls filled with seasonal veggies and rice soaked in various sauces with a character, full of colours and presented in beautiful wooden bowls. I’ve discovered plantain banana goes well with the spicy chilly sin carne and that I should not be afraid of the hairy gumbo pickles. There are as well freshly pressed most delicious juices (go for beetroot and orange) and homemade desserts, while the famous pancakes are served for Sunday brunch. Welcome to the Parisian paradise.

Le Tricycle Store: Vegetarian paradise-4Le Tricycle Store: Vegetarian paradise-5Le Tricycle Store: Vegetarian paradise-6Le Tricycle Store: Vegetarian paradise-7Le Tricycle Store: Vegetarian paradise-8Le Tricycle Store: Vegetarian paradise-9Le Tricycle Store: Vegetarian paradise-10Le Tricycle Store: Vegetarian paradise-11
Le Tricycle Store
51 rue de Paradis
75010 Paris

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