About me

about me

Living in Paris seems to have this effect on people. You start to appreciate food, to talk more about food, to enjoy a glass of wine whenever possible. Fresh warm bread from a local bakery is a ritual every evening after work and a little dessert after meal is a staple. Cheese in all forms and sizes and an apéro with friends become daily pleasures. Event though France is one of the most food centred countries I know, living in the big city such as Paris sometimes has an unfavourable effect on home-made cooking: lack of free time and incredibly large offer of already cooked meals forces people to eat quick and unhealthy. The art of eating and enjoying food is something that might seem as a paradox. With all that said, Paris is at this moment passing through a revival of healthy, home-made, vegetarian and vegan food. Coffee shops are opening around the city, unpretentious desserts are coming from the ovens of young bakers and food festivals are celebrating creativity and new tastes.
As for myself, I always enjoyed food and cooking. Watching my mom cook for us everyday after or before work and having my grandparents making a feast every time we came to lunch somehow accustomed me to enjoy home cooked food prepared with love. Being on my own in Paris, I decided to continue the good habits so I started cooking on daily basis (or as my free time allow it). The plethora of restaurants, healthy food joints and bakeries just added to my love for food and exploration of new tastes. With camera in my hand I am strolling through the city in search for new flavours.
This love for food and cooking transcended beyond the simple satisfaction with home meals and rather became a way of life : a sustainable living, organic, with as less waste and smaller impact possible on our fellow animals. I am slowly embracing vegetarian and sometimes vegan cooking, even though you will still find regular and “traditional” recipes and I am offering here a variety of experiences from my own Parisian – or where ever I am in the world – kitchen.