Cabanes des Grands Chênes: Breakfast in a tree house

30. lipnja 2018.

It was a warm Friday afternoon. The streets of Paris were packed with people rushing home after work or being on their way to meet friends for one of those sweet apèro's on the quais of the Seine. I ...


Summer strawberry ricotta pie

10. kolovoza 2017.

July is the most magical summer month, with those hot days when the sun sets late and the sea is only occasionally disturbed by the light afternoon breeze. August born, I was always a little sad not b...


Spring in all it’s splendour: vanilla cream raspberry buns

14. srpnja 2017.

I think I never appreciated or noticed the change of seasons as much as I did this year. Both cooking and photographing made me more aware and sensitive of this change. Each season brings its own joys...


Farewell to winter: Apple cake with honey and einkorn flour

29. ožujka 2017.

Time has been running like crazy lately and I've found myself spending entire days at work, with so little time for other things. In my spare time, I often find myself with a desire to do so many diff...


Honey and hazelnut winter wreath: of new and old

31. prosinca 2016.

This year was full of happenings. There were things both good and bad, new and interesting people, new and old places, but most of all good food. I restarted the blog in February this year, determined...


Midwinter magic: Lussekatter or Saffron buns

17. prosinca 2016.

When I was younger I used to dream about living in Sweden. I don't really know how the idea came to me. Maybe it was the music I listened to, with songs about the dark cold Nordic winters, tall mystic...


Poppy seed swirl buns

1. prosinca 2016.

In Croatia, poppy seed cakes are a staple for Christmas holidays. The traditional poppy seed roll cake called makovnjaca (mak means poppy) is baked all winter and especially for Christmas table. The r...


Almond and cacao homemade granola and a story of habits

12. studenoga 2016.

There's something clean and fresh about morning, feeling of new beginnings when the entire day is ahead of you. Waking up as the morning sun casts light on the perfectly white bed linen is a moment of...


Autumn chocolate pavlova with poached pears and chocolate tonka sauce

24. listopada 2016.

More than anything I'm a summer's child. Having been born in summer might have something to do with it, or the fact that summer has always been - and still is - the most joyful period of the year for ...


Dalmatian artichokes with fava beans: the emblem of spring

10. lipnja 2016.

Every spring, two plants dominate the tables of Dalmatian coast: artichokes and wild asparagus. On the coast, the wild asparagus grows in fields with high grass and bushes and its skinny spears can be...