Poppy seed swirl buns


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In Croatia, poppy seed cakes are a staple for Christmas holidays. The traditional poppy seed roll cake called makovnjaca (mak means poppy) is baked all winter and especially for the Christmas table. The relationship people have with poppy is rather clear – you either love it or you don’t.

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Croatian summer story, end of summer

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Summer is coming to an end. I’m however not trying to think about it because it turns me melancholic. I’m summer’s child and there is something special to me about this season, about the long days, warm nights. Something that reminds me of the sea, family and happy childhood. I could not imagine a summer without going back home so every year I keep my precious days of vacation for going to the Adriatic coast in July.

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Croatian summer story, fešta

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Svako selo svoju feštu ima… is Croatian for every village has its own festival. One of the most popular Croatian pop festive songs begins with this sentence. Indeed, during summer almost every city or village on the Dalmatian coast will declare “its day” and prepare a feast in every sense of the word, for all the senses.Read More