Vienna in Paris: Pâtisserie Viennoise

viennoise 3

I’ve been craving for sachertorte for quite a while now. You know, that rich chocolaty piece of cake with apricot jam spread between the layers. Then I heard from a friend about this place, just around the corner from the busy Odéon. It is called Pâtisserie Viennoise and it has been there since 1920s selling Viennese pastries such as strudels, kifli, linzer cookies… and sachertorte! It happens to be a perfect location for a quick lunch as it’s not far from my workplace. It also happens to be an opportunity to eat that long desired piece of cake.Read More

Le Verre Volé

le verre volé 3

A wave of young and innovative chefs came to rule the gastronomical scene of Paris. Produce obtained from the small local producers, natural, organic wines and memorable meals ranging from typical French food de campagne to even more inventive and interesting eats.Read More

Breakfast in America

I spent three years working near the Jussieu campus where the surrounding streets are overflown with bars, fast foods, kebabs and bakeries. Not far from the campus is a popular american diner, Breakfast in America where you can have a real American dining experience.

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