Le Tricycle Store: Vegetarian paradise

Le Tricycle Store: Vegetarian paradiseParisian gastronomical food scene has changed tremendously in recent years. Healthy food joints, small restaurants with vegetarian and gluten free menus, detox counters and porridge bars slowly invade the town. We can argue whether it is only a trend or it is a sign people’s consciousness slowly changing to better, whatever the reason, it is doing good to the city.
One of the gems between this new movement is Le Tricyle. It’s located, conveniently, at the Paradise street, rue de Paradis, on number 51. Le Tricycle, what unusual name for a restaurant. And as all good things have a story, so does the one about Le Tricycle. Read More

La Chocolaterie : A chocolate universe by Cyril Lignac

La Chocolaterie : A chocolate universe by Cyril Lignac

A block of streets in 11th arrondissement is well known for its gastronomical scene: Bistrot Paul Bert, the recent coffee place Amami, Cyril Lignac’s bakery of the same name and his bistro Le Chardenoux. All be found in a distance of several hundreds of meters. And now, Cyril Lignac decided to strike again in the same area, just across the street from his bakery by opening La Chocolaterie.

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Siseng: the Asian food bar

Siseng: the Asian food bar
I live in the arrondissement that is often indicated on funny Parisian maps as a total boredom, meaning that nothing ever happens there. There’s no buzz, no popular cafés, no hipster joints. To defend it from these accusations, I can testify that there are some pretty good restaurants and great quality bakeries, there’s the Chinese quarter and the famous Butte aux cailles neighbourhood just around the corner. Read More

A l’Etoile d’Or

A l'Etoile d'Or

Street going south from Moulin Rouge may seem like an ordinary street of 18th arrondissement, yet it is no ordinary at all because there, on the number 30 is a special kind of store. When you step inside you enter a candy heaven museum. I am not exaggerating because A l’étoile d’or is a shrine to chocolate and all sorts of other old French confectionery. The exceptional woman behind the counter is no ordinary person either. A woman-girl in a school uniform with two long blond braids falling down her shoulders fits perfectly in her Alice in Wonderland store.Read More

Taste of Sweden at Institut Suédois

institut suedois

One of the first things I discovered when coming to Paris was a small café in the heart of the noisy Marais neighbourhood. I used to go there pretending I was in Stockholm rather than Paris and order my coffee and cake in Swedish (which I was learning at the time) still intimidated by speaking French. The café is actually part of the Swedish cultural centre, Institut Suédois, located in the beautiful Hôtel de Marle.Read More