Honey and hazelnut winter wreath: of new and old

Honey and hazelnut winter wreath-1

This year was full of happenings, things both good and bad, new and interesting people, new and old places, but most of all good food. I restarted the blog in February this year, determined not to quit again as I did when I first started photography and blogging 5 years ago. But those were different times, when I was on my doctoral studies (I have a PhD in molecular biology, there, the secret’s out) and had absolutely no time to continue blogging. This year, a couple of conversations with friends, reflections about the things which are important to me and a couple of weeks later I’ve found myself reopening the blog and started photographing full time. I’ve learned a lot from others, passed hours studying blogs and looking at gorgeous photographs, discovering so many talents. Most of all I had time to cook all day long and practice on my own since I was jobless during the whole year.Read More

Midwinter magic: Lussekatter or Saffron buns

Midwinter magic: Lussekatter or Saffron buns-1

When I was younger I used to dream about living in Sweden. I don’t really know how the idea of it came to me. Maybe it was the music I listened to, with songs about the dark cold Nordic winters and that mystic and deep relationship with the nature and celebration of its beauty. Soon I started learning Swedish language and I was enchanted by the sound of it. I learned about Swedish culture, customs and food and felt a strong belonging to the country I’ve never visited before.Read More

Poppy seed swirl buns


Poppy seed swirl buns-2

In Croatia, poppy seed cakes are a staple for Christmas holidays. The traditional poppy seed roll cake called makovnjaca (mak means poppy) is baked all winter and especially for the Christmas table. The relationship people have with poppy is rather clear – you either love it or you don’t.

When I was a child, we used to celebrate Christmas at my grandparent’s house where we would have a family lunch.Read More

Sablés viennois by Pierre Hermé

Sablés viennois by Pierre Hermé-1

I think I never had so many pastries as at the time I first came to Paris. It was normal, though, because you simply cannot resist all the beautifully looking desserts and viennoiseries lurking from almost every window shop you pass by. Several years later, I am no longer as easily tempted as I understood that not everything that looks incredibly good indeed tastes incredibly. Read More