La Chocolaterie : A chocolate universe by Cyril Lignac

La Chocolaterie : A chocolate universe by Cyril Lignac-1

A block of streets in 11th arrondissement is well known for its gastronomical scene: Bistrot Paul Bert, the recent coffee place Amami, Cyril Lignac’s bakery of the same name and his bistro Le Chardenoux, all found at a distance of several hundreds of meters. And now, Cyril Lignac decided to strike again in the same area, just across the street from his bakery by opening La Chocolaterie.

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Sablés viennois by Pierre Hermé

Sablés viennois by Pierre Hermé-1

I think I never had so many pastries as at the time I first came to Paris. It was normal, though, because you simply cannot resist all the beautifully looking desserts and viennoiseries lurking from almost every window shop you pass by. Several years later, I am no longer as easily tempted as I understood that not everything that looks incredibly good indeed tastes incredibly. Read More

Croatian summer story, end of summer

 Croatian summer story, end of summer-1
Summer is coming to an end. I’m however not trying to think about it because it turns me melancholic. I’m summer’s child and there is something special to me about this season, about the long days, warm nights. Something that reminds me of the sea, family and happy childhood. I could not imagine a summer without going back home so every year I keep my precious days of vacation for going to the Adriatic coast in July.

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Croatian summer story, fešta

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Svako selo svoju feštu ima… is Croatian for every village has its own festival. One of the most popular Croatian pop festive songs begins with this sentence. Indeed, during summer almost every city or village on the Dalmatian coast will declare “its day” and prepare a feast in every sense of the word, for all the senses.Read More